Top SEO Company List has designed specific criteria which must be met in order to qualify for ranking.

The purpose is to disqualify those who have not proven themselves with the tests of time and of competence.

1. The digital marketing company must be able to demonstrate a 10-year track record. This simple requirement eliminates more than half the competition. A company that is 10 years old or more has proven many things, most importantly it is prepared to deal with the great moving target known as Google’s search algorithm.

2. They must be able to demonstrate their competence. The team at Top SEO Company List meets with each company before they can be featured to review their methods. They must show examples of clients who have proven dominant on search, and most importantly show the work that achieved it.

3. They must demonstrate their abilities in social media marketing. All work must be done domestically, in the USA. It is critical that your social signals are being provided by native English speakers. Anything less is unacceptable.

4. They must offer a full suite of digital marketing services, beyond SEO. Certified Google AdWords campaign management, landing page creation and optimization, social media marketing and Re-marketing just to name a few.

5. Each company must have achieved Google Partner certification. Achieving Google partner status means they have passed a slew of digital marketing certifications and demonstrates a base level of professionalism.

6. Last but certainly not least you must be given the ability to talk directly with the digital marketing company owner, you are where the buck stops with your company you need to be able to talk to the person in charge there. No talking to a rep who then has nothing at all to do with the actual work done on your site.

Thank You for Visiting Top SEO Company List and happy hunting!